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Sightseeing Information

Sightseeing around ROAN

Strolling around Ichirino

01Japanese Beech Primeval Forest Trail

Japanese Beech Primeval Forest Trail A primeval forest trail of great Japanese Beeches is perfect for bird watching and a relaxing walk into the woods.
There is also a cable car that takes you all the way to the top of Ichirino mountains where you can get a spectacular view of the area.
(Walking Distance: 10 minutes) Details

02Soothing Spa “Tenryo”

Soothing Spa “Tenryo” A comprehensive Spa facility with an open-air rock Onsen bath, a sauna and a relaxation room.
(Walking Distance: 4 minutes) Details

03Ichirino Park

Ichirino Park Located in the center of Ichirino, this park has an enormous area of fresh green grass and a large pond. Imagine yourself lying on the grass with mountain breeze slightly brushing your cheeks -- what a life!
(Walking Distance: 1 minute)

04Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts A total of 8 tennis courts next to the ski area. In front of the courts there is the “Nodaira Lodge” furnished with restrooms, changing rooms, resting areas and vending machines.
Rackets and balls are also available for rental.
(Walking Distance: 8 minutes) Details

05Barbeque Area

Barbeque Area Located next to the tennis courts, the barbeque area is covered with rooftops so our guests can be kept save from the rain.
(Walking Distance: 8 minutes) Details

06Hokuryu Hall

Hokuryu Hall This gymnasium is open to groups or individuals for sport activities such as basketball, volley ball, badminton and table tennis.
Conference rooms and training rooms are also available for use.
(Walking Distance: 5 minutes) Details

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Enjoy the Nature

01Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road

Hakusan Shirakawa-go White Road A 33-km driving route that passes through the secluded regions of Mt. Hakusan linking Ichirino and Shirakawa-go.
The wonders of nature are kept untouched, and along the way you will find 7 waterfalls and bright red autumn foliage during fall season.
※ Limited access from beginning of June ~ November 10th. Closed during night hours.
(Driving Distance: 5 minutes) Details

02Geyser Tower / Iwama Gorge

Geyser Tower / Iwama Gorge Geyser tower is a rare phenomenon where hot spring water is spurt out from underground and components from the water are accumulated over time to form a tower. These towers can be found dispersed around Iwama Gorge and are Japan’s Designated Special National Monuments. The view is absolutely breathtaking and is perfect for hiking.
(Walking Distance from Yamazaki Ryokan: 1 hour and 40 minutes) Details

03Tedori Gorge (“Watagataki Ikoi-no-Mori”)

Tedori Gorge (“Watagataki Ikoi-no-Mori”) A narrow canyon scraped out by the current of the Tedori River. There is a camping site with bungalows and an observation deck that looks over the spectacular scenery of the 32-m high waterfall.
Visitors can enjoy cycling down “Tedori Canyon Road”, which is a biking trail constructed parallel to the river; you can also participate in river rafting activities.
(Driving Distance: 20 minutes) Details

04Chugu Exhibition Hall

Chugu Exhibition Hall An exhibition hall on the nature of Mt. Hakusan.
Numerous specimen, photographs and movies are displayed.
※ Period: May 1 ~ November 10
(Driving Distance: 5 minutes)
Hours: 09:00 ~ 16:00; Closed during winter season and days other than the period above.
Free Entry Details

05Shishiku Valley

Shishiku Valley A 10-minute ride on the cable car will take you to this Valley of 650-m where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Sea of Japan. With a restaurant, an observation deck and a camping site, this Valley is a mecca for paragliding lovers.
(Driving Distance: 30 minutes) Details



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Experience History & Culture

01World Heritage: Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama

World Heritage: Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama Registered in 1995 as one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these historic villages harmonize with the local mountains and create splendid sceneries that seem to come straight out of old fairy tales.
Though Shirakawa-go is of larger scale, for those who are more interested in having a tranquil moment should definitely visit Gokayama.
(Driving Distance: 70 minutes) Details

02Hakusan Folklore Information Center

Hakusan Folklore Information Center This Information Center introduces the ways of living developed by locals residing deep in Mt. Hakusan. Tourists can visit the Country Designated Important Tangible Folk-cultured Property “The Ogura House” as well as 5 other residential homes being reconstructed at this site.
(Driving Distance: 30 minutes)
Hours: 09:00 ~ 16:30 (closed on Thursdays)
Entry Fee: JPY250 Details

03Ushikubi Pongee

Ushikubi Pongee A special fabric woven with pongee and silk, it is renowned world-wide for its continuous operation production process, which is extremely rare even in Japan.
At the “Hakusan Kobo” Workshop, visitors will be able to see the whole production process step by step.
(Driving Distance: 30 minutes)
Hours: 09:00 ~ 16:00 (closed on Thursdays); Entry Fee: JPY400 Details

04Road Station “Ikko-Ikki no Sato”

Road Station “Ikko-Ikki no Sato” A road station with “Ikko-Ikki Historic Center” and “Farm Villages Folklore Cultural Hall”, where one can learn about the background and culture of the biggest uprising in Japan history. There is also the “Seseragi Shokusai Hall” which offers a variety of local souvenirs such as the handmade Hakusan soba noodles, etc.
(Driving Distance: 20 minutes)
Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00 (closed on Mondays); Entry Fee (to museums): JPY300 Details

05Shirayama Hime Shrine

Shirayama Hime Shrine With over 3000 shrines in Japan, the worship of the deities of the sacred Mt. Hakusan first started here.
The 250-m front approach to the Shrine surrounded by beautiful Cedar and Zelkova trees is simply beyond magnificent; the sacred trees “Sanbonsugi” and the treasure hall are also worth visiting for.
(Driving Distance: 30 minutes) Details


Kanazawa Including Kenrokuen Garden (one of the 3 most famous gardens in Japan), you will find delight in experiencing ancient and modern Kaga by visiting the Higashi Chaya Teahouse District, Nagamachi Samurai District, Omicho Market and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa.
(Driving Distance: 60 minutes) Details

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Visiting Onsens / Gourmet Touring

01Iwama Onsen

Iwama Onsen With a history so long, rumor has that this hot spring was founded by monk Taicho, who was the first person to have climbed Mt. Hakusan. The water has a mellow touch and is soft and silky.
Though it is a secluded Onsen, it is only a 20-minute drive away from Ichirino Onsen. Bathing gowns are provided to visitors so everybody can enjoy a dip at this open-air spa together.
Fee: JPY700 (Spa only)
(Driving Distance: 20 minutes) Details

02Chugu Onsen

Chugu Onsen A salt and hydrogen carbonate spring that will make your skin soft and smooth like babies. Besides being the “Spa of Skin Beauty”, it is also famous to be beneficial for those suffering from gastric hyperacidity. Details

03Hakusan Soba Noodle Streets

Hakusan Soba Noodle Streets The Torigoe District at the bottom of Mt. Hakusan is famed for its production of Soba noodles. It is given the name due to the countless soba noodle restaurants in the area.
Within a 30-minute driving distance there are 25 such restaurants, all are unique in their own ways.

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Soothing Spa “Tenryo”
Tennis Courts
Barbeque Area
Ikko-Ikki no Sato
Shirayama Hime Shrine
Tedori Gorge
Hakusan Folklore Information Center
Ushikubi Pongee
Shishiku Valley
Chugu Exhibition Hall
Chugu Onsen

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